Library of Institute of Mathematics, Academia Sinica


ⓄLibrary Announcement

Planned Maintenance – library automation system

Description: Every Tuesday, we will carry out maintence work on the library automation system between 17:50 and 20:30(UTC+8).

During the maintenance time, the service will be unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  

ⓄWi-Fi Service Notice

The purpose of Academia Sinica’s Wi-Fi service is to help readers search the collection of Mathematics Library. Readers are responsible to abide Taiwan’s academic internet and copyright laws.

Readers are allowed to use their laptops, tablet PCs, and cellphones in permitted area. Excessive usage, P2P downloading, web game, and internet talk are prohibited. If the unusual behaviors are found, the Library will exam and stop. Thanks for your cooperation.

ⓄAnti-COVID-19 Measures Updated (Starting June 2)

We are going to loosen the restrictions on building access control. Starting June 2, non-Astro-Math Building members will not have to present a work/visitor pass or fill out COVID-19 Prevention Form before entering this building; however, they are still required to swipe ID card barcode or leave personal information on a visitor log book and have body temperature measured to meet the real-name registration and related anti-COVID-19 guidelines. 

New Arrivals:
A unified approach to structural limits and limits of graphs with bounded tree-depth , Jaroslav Nesetril, Patrice Ossona de Mende     On exhibition: 2020-07-02 ~ 2020-07-15
An elementary recursive bound for effective positivstellensatz and Hilbert's 17th problem , Henri Lombardi, Daniel Perrucci, Marie-Francoise Roy     On exhibition: 2020-07-02 ~ 2020-07-15
Applications of polynomial systems , David A. Cox ; with contributions by Carlos D'Andrea, Alicia Dickenstein, Jonathan Hauenstein, Hal Schenck, Jessica Sidman     On exhibition: 2020-07-02 ~ 2020-07-15
Bimonoids for hyperplane arrangements , Marcelo Aguiar, Swapneel Mahajan     On exhibition: 2020-07-02 ~ 2020-07-15
Foundations of stable homotopy theory , David Barnes, Queen's University Belfast, Constanze Roitzheim, University of Kent, Canterbury     On exhibition: 2020-07-02 ~ 2020-07-15
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