Library of Institute of Mathematics, Academia Sinica

Library Cards


The Library is open to the public. Everyone is welcome to make on-site use of various facilities provided by the library; including full access of the electronic resources available on library computers. However, a Library Card is required to check out books.

To apply for the Library Card, please have the following documents ready. The Card will be issued after all documents are examined; the process takes the maximum period of 7 working days.




Required documents:

  1. A one-inch recent photo.
  2. Completed Library Card Application(MSWord) or Library Card Application(Paper).
  3. Personal Identification Verification:
    • Applicant who is Personnel within Academia Sinica - College Student ID, Academia Sinica Service ID or Reference letter from Researchers of the Institute of Mathematics.
    • Applicant who is affiliated with an educational institution outside Academia Sinica - College Student ID, personal ID and signed agreement issued by the Head of the Faculty/Department he/she belongs or one Researcher of the Institute of Mathematics.
    • All other applicants must have a signed letter issued from applicants' supervisor and a recommendation letter of one Researchers of the Institute of Mathematics as well as the personal ID.
    Note: Persons who already hold a valid Library Card of the Academia Sinica and want to apply to the Library require all documents other than the photo.
  The Card is valid until 31st August of the year following the application year. When it expires, please reapply by following the above procedures.
  ※ Contact information:  (02)23685999-441, 443,