Library of Institute of Mathematics, Academia Sinica

Loan Policies for Books & Multimedia

  • ◆ The loan periods and loan quota for book checkout are listed below:
    • Institute Affiliates: applying renewals before 31st July once each year.
    • Sinica ( but not Institute) Affiliates: 30 days, 5 items.
    • Non-affiliated Borrowers: 30 days, 5 items .
  • Multimedia loan is offered only to Institute affiliates.
    • Videocassettes, Compact Disks and DVDs are due two weeks after check out.
    • Only two multimedia items can be borrowed at once.
  • All reference materials and journals can only be used in the library and DO NOT circulate.
  • ◆ Materials requested by another borrower or needed by the library may be recalled any time. The due date for the recalled items immediately reset to 14 days posterior to the date the recall is placed. Notices will be sent to inform the borrower of the new due date.
  • ◆ Items which are in the period of exhibition cannot be checked out.
  • ◆ Users who return an item cannot borrow this item within two weeks posterior to the date it is returned.
  • ◆ If items are not returned by the due date, overdue penalty applies. Please go to the Penalty and Fine Polices page
  • ◆ For related information, please return to Circulation Homepage.