Library of Institute of Mathematics, Academia Sinica

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary loan is a service whereby a patron borrows books or receives photocopies of periodicals, books, theses, and other documents through agreements between various organizations. With this service, libraries' resources can be shared and utilized to the utmost.
●  Interlibrary loan is available when holding a valid account at Nationwide Document Delivery System. (NDDS). The request is to be placed on NDDS. The status of the requests will appear on your account in NDDS after you submit your requests.
About NDDS: NDDS is a search engine designed by the Science and Technology Information System to help readers search for「Chinese Periodicals Union Catalog」、「Western Periodicals Union Catalog」、「Mainland Periodicals Union Catalog」、「Academic Conferences Proceedings Index」and 「National Science Council Research Reports Index」 in libraries in Taiwan. NDDS is a system to facilitate resource sharing among libraries in Taiwan. They are fee bases services, and charges vary from library to library. First time users must register to login.
●  For Sinica affiliates, interlibrary loan is available through Academia Sinica's Delivery System (ACDS).
About ACDS: ACDS , U.C. San. Diego and U.C. Berkeley reach agreement to provide Sinica Staff with documents via OCLC free-based system. This service is only for items in U.C. San Diego and U.C. Berkeley. Only when the material you need is not available from Sinica or NDDS, you may request it from ACDS.