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Wu, Derchyi


Research Interest

  • Inverse scattering problem of two or multi-dimensional integrable systems
  • Backlund transformation theory of two or multi-dimensional integrable systems
  • Isomonodromy problem of self similar integrable systems.

Latest Research Work

The Cauchy Problem for the Pavlov equation (Nonlinearity (2015), v. 28, no. 11, pp. 3709-3754)

P. G. Grinevich, P. M. Santini, and D. Wu

$$v_{xt}+v_{yy}+v_x v_{xy}-v_y v_{xx}=0$$

Abstract: Commutation of multidimensional vector fields leads to integrable nonlinear dispersionless PDEs arising in various problems of mathematical physics and intensively studied in the recent literature. This report is aiming to solve the scattering and inverse scattering problem for integrable dispersionless PDEs, recently introduced just at a formal level, concentrating on the prototypical example of the Pavlov equation, and to justify an existence theorem for global bounded solutions of the associated Cauchy problem with small data.

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Publications :

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