Lectures on Mathematical Concepts and Fine Arts
主講者: Oktay Pashaev (Izmir Inst. of Technology, Turkey)
講題: Ancient Myth and Modern Science
時間: 2008-01-31 (Thu.)  14:00-15:00
Abstract: In our talk we analyze role of the myth in creation of basic scientific concepts as space, time, periodicity and proportion. We discuss dramatic character of ancient approach to the nature reflected in myth. The concept of Fate in ancient tragedy becoming the Law of Nature. The moral order in myth becoming the Order of Nature in modern science. Following Russian scholar Ya. E. Golosovker we show that myth uses its special logic, and has dynamical and dialectical structure. Special focus will be done on mythic origin for concept of beauty and golden ratio, vision and blindness, mythical creatures like sphinx, etc. We show that logic of myth is very similar to the logic of modern physics of micro-world described by quantum mechanics. Then, we discuss ancient approach to the world as a musical harmony and its modern realizations in the linear harmonic analysis. Motivated by myth modern concepts of image recognition, crypto zoology, the thought experiments and mosaic evolution would be considered.
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