Dynamical Systems Seminar

主講者: Prof. Xiaojiao Tong (童小嬌) (Changsha University of Science and Technology)
講題: Semismooth Newton-Type Methods and Applications in Power Systems
時間: 2008-07-23 (Wed.)  16:00-17:00
Abstract: The semismooth Newton method has been received much attentions in numerical methods since it enjoys the same convergence as the classical Newton method. Our research contributes to the system of nonsmooth constrained equations. Various algorithms for constrained equations are presented, which extend the results of unconstrained semismooth Newton methods and the classical smooth Newton methods. Based on the research in numerical methods, some important applications in power systems, such as available transfer capability-ATC, optimal power flow-OPF, steady-state stability and transient stability analysis, dynamic bidding analysis and profit-risk analysis in power markets, are discussed. The applications in power systems are respect to the security and stability of power systems from the theories, mathematical models and calculating aspects. 
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