Seminar on PDE
主講者: 袁淵明教授(靜宜大學)
講題: A new solution representation for the BBM equation in a quarter plane and the eventual periodicity
時間: 2008-08-08 (Fri.)  16:00 -17:00
Abstract: The initial- and boundary-value problem for the Benjamin-Bona-Mahony (BBM)equation is studied in this paper. The goal is to understand the periodic behavior(termed as eventual periodicity) of its solutions corresponding to periodic boundary condition or periodic forcing. To this aim, we derive a new formula representing solutions of this initial- and boundary-value problem by inverting the operator $\partial_t +\alpha \partial_x -\gamma\partial_{xxt}$ defined in the space-time quarter plane. The eventual periodicity of the linearized BBM equation with periodic boundary data and forcing term is established by combining this new representation formula and the method of stationary phase.
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