Special Seminar in Several Complex Variables
主講者: 蕭欽玉博士
講題: On the singularities of the Bergman projection
時間: 2008-09-02 (Tue.)  15:00-16:30
Abstract:  In this talk we discuss the full asymptotic expansion of the Bergman projection for (0,q) forms when the Levi form is non-degenerate. This generalizes a result of Bouted de Monvel and Sjostrand for (0,0) forms. We introduce a new operator analogous to the Kohn Laplacian defined on the boundary of a domain and we apply the heat equation method of Menikoff and Sjostrand to this operator. We obtain a description of a new Szego projection up to smoothing operators. Finally, by using the Poisson operator, we get our main result.
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