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  1. 2004-09-10 Jean Pierre Bourguignon (IHES director)
    Is there still a mystery around the Ricci curvature?
  2. 2004-09-23 Prof. Aihua Xia (University of Melbourne)
    Discrete central limit theorems
  3. 2004-09-24 Ming-Chia Li (Changhua University of Education)
    Stability of flows and their numerical approximations
  4. 2004-09-24 Brajendra Kumar Singh (Academia Sinica)
    Self-feedback and revelation of hidden trajectories
  5. 2004-09-24 Yi-Chiuan Chen (Academia Sinica)
    Symbolic dynamics for non-autonomous symplectic twist maps near the anti-integrable limit
  6. 2004-09-24 Mikhail Malkin (Nizhny Novgorod State University)
    Heteroclinic foliation and global oscillations for the Nicholson-Bailey model
  7. 2004-09-29 林昭輝 (本所)
    Kakutani Shift Equivalence (III)
  8. 2004-09-30 洪淵 (華東師範大學)
    Simplicial decompositions, tree-width, clique-minors and eigenvalues
  9. 2004-10-04 王家禮 (東華大學)
    Optimal Control of Tandem Queues
  10. 2004-10-04 胡豐榮 (台中師院)
    On polynomial convergence rates of ergodic diffusions and their Harris chains
  11. 2004-10-14 張曉 (北京中科院)
    On the relation between ADM and Bondi energy-momenta in gravitational radiation
  12. 2004-10-21 Prof. R. Parimala (Tata Institute)
    Homogenous spaces – zero cycles of degree one vs. rational points
  13. 2004-10-28 Prof. K. Yanagawa (Osaka University)
    Koszul duality appearing in combinatorial commutative algebra
  14. 2004-10-28 程舜仁教授 (台灣大學)
    The duality of Kazhdan-Lustig theory
  15. 2004-11-01 許順吉,須上苑 (本所)
    Dynamics of price systems for binomial model with transaction costs
  16. 2004-11-02 Dr. D. Chandler (本所)
    The Smith normal forms of finite geometry codes and some applications (III)(因故順延)
  17. 2004-11-04 薛昭雄教授 (內華達大學拉斯維加斯分校)
    A symbolic operator approach to the closed form of generating functions
  18. 2004-11-04 莫寄屏教授
    On Qualitative and Quantitative theories of dynamical systems
  19. 2004-11-05 鄭文巧教授 (中正大學)
    Pre-image Entropy (III)
  20. 2004-11-10 Prof. Shigeru Sakaguchi (Ehime University)
    Geometric properties of solutions of the heat equation
  21. 2004-11-11 Prof. Vincent Maillot (CNRS, France)
    Explicit computation of Mahler's measure and algebraic geometry
  22. 2004-11-12 陳怡全 (本所)
    Tent Maps and Middle Cantor Sets
  23. 2004-11-18 Prof. Kenneth J. Palmer (台灣大學)
    Silnikov Saddle-Focus Homoclinic Orbits and Singular Perturbations
  24. 2004-11-18 Prof. Wiestaw Zelazko (波蘭科學院)
    A Short History of Polish Mathematics
  25. 2004-11-19 Dr. David Chandler (本所)
    Some applications of character sums in combinatorics
  26. 2004-11-22 Prof. Wiestaw Zelazko (波蘭科學院)
    Recent results and open problems in ideal theory of F-algebras
  27. 2004-11-23 Dr. D. Chandler (本所)
    Intersection sizes of unitals (II)
  28. 2004-11-26 葉文彬博士 (本所)
    Text book :Elliptic Functions, by K. Chandrasekharan
  29. 2004-12-03 葉文彬博士 (本所)
    Ramanujan's Forty Identities for the Rogers-Ramanujan Functions
  30. 2004-12-10 Prof. Jean-Yves Briend (Universite de Provence)
    Various equidistribution theorems in complex dynamics
  31. 2004-12-13 曹永羅 (蘇州大學)
    The growth rate and variational principle for subadditive functional sequence
  32. 2004-12-14 Prof. Peter Greiner (University of Toronto)
    On "Can One Hear the Shape of a Drum"
  33. 2004-12-14 Dr. Daniel Kral (捷克)
    Edge disjoint odd cycles in planar graphs
  34. 2004-12-20 Dr. Chuan-Hsiang Han (University of Minnesota & Ford Motor Co.)
    Applications of Monte Carlo Methods on Financial Engineering (Basic Monte Carlo Methods & Monte Carlo Methods for Diffusion Equations)
  35. 2004-12-23 Prof. Stephen Smale (University of Chicago, UC Berkeley)
    The Mathematics of Learning
  36. 2004-12-24 Prof. Stephen Smale (University of Chicago, UC Berkeley)
    The Mathematics of Learning
  37. 2004-12-27 Dr. Chuan-Hsiang Han (University of Minnesota & Ford Motor Co.)
    Applications of Monte Carlo Methods on Financial Engineering (Methods for Variance Reduction & Challenges from Financial Engineering)
  38. 2004-12-29 Prof. Shagi-Di Shih (University of Wyoming)
    On Some Singular Perturbation Problems
  39. 2004-12-30 翟敬立教授 (University of Pennsylvania)
    Hecke orbits and canonical coordinates
  40. 2004-12-31 徐淑裕 (中正大學)
    Some results on Ricci flow equation
  41. 2004-12-31 張瑞斌 (University of Sydney; 台大)
    Quantum groups and non-commutative vector bundles